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NCOC Featured Discussion

Connecting the Dots: Civic Renewal Webinar Conversations

June 13, 2016
NCoC is hosting regional webinar conversations to share information about our expanded strategic direction and discuss how best to enhance consideration of the relationship between civic health and the challenging issues you face.
NCOC Featured Discussion

How can we meet this moment in ways that inspire deep, diverse, sustainable civic engagement?

NCoC Launches Civic Renewal Initiative

March 22, 2016
Civic life in America, constantly evolving, is poised for a new wave of growth. Civic engagement is bubbling to the surface of the front pages and front-lines of cities across the nation.
NCOC Featured Discussion

In-depth report measures citizen engagement in the Constitution State in voting, volunteerism, and community involvement

2016 Connecticut Civic Health Index Launched

January 19, 2016
A coalition of groups — including the Secretary of the State, Everyday Democracy, the National Conference on Citizenship and DataHaven — launched the 2016 Civic Health Index Report today.
NCOC Featured Discussion

Leadership Changes at NCoC

Ilir Zherka Takes New Post; Sally Prouty Appointed Interim CEO of NCoC

December 8, 2015
Following three successful years at the helm of NCoC, Ilir Zherka will become executive director of the Alliance for International Exchange. He will be succeeded by Sally Prouty, who will serve as Interim CEO of NCoC.
NCOC Featured Discussion

Michigan Study Makes Recommendations for Improving Civic Life and Strengthening Communities

2015 Michigan Civic Health Index Shows Disparities in Michiganders Civic Health Performance

November 9, 2015
A report released by the Michigan Nonprofit Association, in conjunction with the National Conference on Citizenship, measures the engagement of Michigan residents in important civic activities such as voting, volunteering, interacting with neighbors, community participation, and charitable giving.

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Latest Report
From voting in local elections to volunteerism and participation in public meetings, a new report examines the strength of civic engagement and civic health in Kansas.
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The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) is a congressionally chartered organization dedicated to strengthening civic life in America.
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