Stan Litow

IBM International Foundation, President

July 20, 2010
Stanley Litow is President of the IBM International Foundation and the company's Vice President for Corporate Community Relations. Under his leadership, IBM has developed innovative technologies to help children and adults learn to read, provided Internet access for people with disabilities and powered research on Alzheimer's and AIDS. He initiated IBM's program to ”reinvent education,” which serves more than 80,000 teachers and 8 million children worldwide. The company's work in education has raised student achievement and won IBM the Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership. Litow previously served as the deputy chancellor of schools for New York City; founded and ran Interface, a nonprofit ”think tank”; and served as an aide to the mayor and governor of New York. He has contributed to such publications as Brookings Papers, The New York Times and Newsday. Some of his honors include awards from the Anne Frank Center, the Martin Luther King Commission and the Women's City Club.
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