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In Review: 2010 National Conference on Citizenship

September 28, 2010

The 65th Annual National Conference on Citizenship was held September 17, 2010 in the Library of Congress. Thank you to Congressman James Clyburn for his generous sponsorship of the Library space and our event sponsors Target and the Case Foundation.

The program featured a keynote conversation with Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, panels moderated by Judy Woodruff and Michael Weiser, and presentation of the Joseph H. Kanter Citizen of the Year Award to TIME Magazine Managing Editor Rick Stengel. Program participants were invited to Tweet, Blog, FlipCam, and photograph their experience, which is chronicled here.


  • Participants: 450
  • Online viewers: 190
  • Tweets generated by participants: 2,849
  • Tweet reach: 973,550 people for 9.7 million impressions
  • Blogs posted: 7 (and counting)
  • Photographs taken: 1200
  • Newly naturalized citizens: 23

Hundreds of individuals contributed thousands of Tweets which deeply enriched the conversation happening across the country, and brought the message of the power of civic engagement to hundreds of thousands of people. Here's a rolling stream of recent Tweets with the #NCoC hashtag:
While having a historic record of the online conversation can be challenging, a collection of some of the Tweets generated during the Conference is available on our Facebook page.

Check out these articles and blogs, written by NCoC participants and speakers:

Check out this slideshow of pictures from the event.

For more images, including those from the Civic Innovators Forum, please visit us on Facebook. Did you take photos? Upload them to a fan album and we may use them in our Annual Report!

Thanks to the power of the Internet, the Conference was streamed live online and individuals across the country were able to participate virtually. Shout-out to the University of Central Oklahoma for streaming it from their Campus in recognition of Constitution Day! Thanks also to our friends at the Case Foundation who embedded the live stream feed on their website.
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By Sudipta at 11:41 AM on Nov 10th, 2015
我都對 PK 講既有同感 10 個 interviewers 起碼 5 個之前係無睇過個 iieervnewte 既 resume 問 D 問題又可以由 Da Vinci 既 Mona Lisa 問到最新既 Intel 出到 Duo Core 幾 雖知大人妳日理萬機視野廣濶 但係你咁問法我真係無晒頭緒你究竟想請咩野人同埋我會懷疑我報錯工
By Bianca at 5:07 AM on Nov 11th, 2015
I couldn't have had more fun with a phopegrathor. I've worked with others in the past and none have made me feel more relaxed. My husband and I decided that we would just let Harry take all control, letting us be the puppets. There were things that he had us do that I would never think a phopegrathor would want us to do. His great eye for detail and perspective are unique.His images speak volumes. The stories that are told through his lens are remarkable. If I can I'm having Harry capture more precious moments of my life with my husband and future children.Cheers to you Harry.
By Jama at 5:59 PM on Nov 14th, 2015
Erin I LOVE the pictures!! Thank you so much for comnig to our house and being so patient with all of our kiddos!! The first picture is so sweet it makes me so happy! I can't wait to see the rest!! Thanks again!! :-)
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