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An Open Letter from 5 CEOs

July 24, 2012
The following is an open letter to business leaders from Steve Case, chairman and CEO of Revolution LLC and co-founder of America Online; Ray Chambers, former chairman, Wesray Capital Corporation; Mike Eskew, former chairman and CEO, UPS; Bob Nardelli, former chairman and CEO, Chrysler and The Home Depot; and John Pepper, former president, CEO and chairman, Proctor & Gamble, encouraging all S&P 500 companies to join The Civic 50.

July 24, 2012

Dear Colleagues:

Having been at the helm of major companies, we recognize the deeper meaning behind President Truman's phrase, "The buck stops here." Our leadership responsibility extends beyond ensuring financial success and ethical business practices. We and our associates are stewards of the cities and towns in which we work, and we are responsible for fostering a strong sense of community throughout our enterprises - each and every day. As business leaders, it is we who must grab the bull by the horns, rather than pass the buck, to ignite a culture of corporations giving back.

We hold steadfast to the notion that the private sector, wants to and can contribute more to solutions that address community challenges. America's challenges require much more from corporations than attending charity galas and supporting golf tournaments. Real change comes from companies devoting their time, collective talent and resources to developing long-term, sustainable action plans to improve their local communities nationwide.

The Civic 50, a national survey that recognizes S&P 500 companies that are making a difference in communities across America, elevates corporations leading the charge to create positive change. The survey not only recognizes the good work companies are doing, but through rigorous data collection and analysis, establishes a base line that can serve as a blueprint for any company wishing to bolster its corporate social responsibility capacity and infrastructure.

Participation of S&P companies is vital to ensuring the success of this valuable tool. We understand the demands placed on CSR departments and that completing yet another survey can be taxing. However, if we are determined to make measurable social impact, we must be rigorous in our assessments of the current landscape. We call on our colleagues and partners sharing our common goal to take The Civic 50 survey today and rethink how your company is leveraging its time, talent and resources to building stronger communities. Corporate America has a great community engagement story to tell - so let's start telling it in our words, and more importantly through our actions.


Steve Case, Chairman & CEO, Revolution LLC and Co-Founder, America Online

Ray Chambers, Former Chairman, Wesray Capital Corporation

Mike Eskew, Former Chairman & CEO, UPS

Bob Nardelli, Former Chairman & CEO, Chrysler and Home Depot

John Pepper, Former President, CEO & Chairman, Proctor & Gamble

Editor’s Note: this page has been updated to reflect the new name of the program, The Civic 50.
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