NCOC Featured Discussion Announces the Launch of The Mobilizer Academy

November 27, 2012
A skill-building, leadership academy connecting Millennials across the country to strengthen their networks and become part of a diverse cohort of leaders joining the social sector is thrilled to announce the launch of The Mobilizer Academy: a skill-building, leadership academy connecting Millennials across the country to strengthen their networks and become part of a diverse cohort of leaders joining the social sector. The program will consist of two in-person convenings and monthly online meetings, as well as access to experts and mentors through's extensive partner network. Keep reading to learn more about The Mobilizer Academy, including their unique curriculum and how to apply HERE.

Deadline for submission: December 19, 2012.

In 2013, will pilot a national leadership development program, the Mobilizer Academy, to address the needs of our growing network of change-makers and build a pipeline of Millennial leaders in the social sector. The Mobilizer Academy is an in depth, twelve-month virtual and in-person program to equip Millennials with the skills and resources necessary to realize their leadership potential and create and implement successful social ventures, focused on addressing an unmet community need.

The goal of is to build a community that is Millennial-led, focused on elevating Millennial best practices for improving communities, empowering young leaders and their peers, addressing social problems and providing a more sustainable path for our collective future. Through a customized, Millennial-led process, will build and execute the Mobilizer Academy, which will result in increased knowledge, impact and skills as well as strengthen the relationships and networks of Millennial leaders. The Mobilizer Academy will result in a critical mass of Millennials who are active in their communities, knowledgeable of their role and responsibilities as leaders and inspiring other Millennials to consider careers in the social sector.

The program is comprised of 2 in-person leadership development convenings and monthly virtual trainings built on the Mobilizer’s Workbook; a ten-step resource that guides young people through the process of finding an issue they care about, building a group on their campus or in their community and creating a sustainable movement with shared leadership. As the participants advance through the curriculum, they will also be paired with a mentor to provide support and expert advice both online and offline as they build their social venture. Through partnerships with organizations, cross-sectoral leaders and national leadership programs, the Mobilizer Academy will train and coach participants to successfully launch and implement social ventures in their communities.

The trainings will cover the following core competencies with a focus on individual leadership values and personal development:
· Find a Passion: Personal Reflection, Public Narrative and Branding
· Make a Plan: Mission and Vision development, Value Proposition
· Build a Base: Leadership and Team Dynamics, Capacity Building
· Build a Coalition: Partnerships and Movement Building, Networking
· Mobilize: Action/Campaign Planning, Making an Impact
· Spread the Word: Audience/Market Research, Communications and Messaging, Social Media
· Advocate: Public Policy, Influencing Decision Makers
· Financial Sustainability: Fundraising, Goal Setting, Donor Messaging
· Organizational Sustainability: Civic and Social Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit and For-Profit Models
· Leadership Sustainability: Sustaining Personal Passion, Leadership Pipeline
· Evaluation: Metrics, Data-Driven Decision Making

Leadership Theory transforms the lives of Millennials who have not yet been called to leadership; who have not yet seen the potential within themselves to affect change in their community and the world. believes that every Millennial can be a leader today, not tomorrow, and through this program will train and empower young people to be leaders. The Mobilizer Academy seeks to engage Millennials who have not been called to leadership because they do not have access to resources and leadership opportunities, they are disconnected from a system that would foster their leadership potential, they lack the confidence to take leadership roles, they have been disenfranchised, or their voice has never been heard or respected.

Application Process
The pilot program of the Mobilizer Academy will include 20 Millennial leaders selected through an application process open in the Fall of 2012. Each applicant must be working on a civic or social venture that is focused on addressing an unmet community need. The applicants will describe the need for their personal leadership development as well as how the training will further their community impact. A Selection Committee comprised of partners will review applications.

Applications and nominations are due December 19, 2012.

For more information, visit the Mobilizer Academy homepage ( ).
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