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A corporation’s holistic approach to “doing good,” the CEP is about improving the quality of life, making a difference, and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values, trust and motivation among people to give back. This includes programs and initiatives that provide and support activities such as volunteering, pro bono service, in-kind giving, philanthropy, sponsorship, cause marketing, neighboring, and nonpartisan information sharing. (See also: “Civic Engagement”) Organizations to which institutions make a specific commitment of time, talent, or treasure at least once per year. The act of making a grant or financial donation to a cause, organization, or individual.
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9/11 Day of Service and RememberanceTwelve years ago, tragedy struck our nation. How did Americans respond? We rallied like never before, supporting emergency responders, lending our neighbors a helping hand, and answering calls to service. ... September 10, 2013
Is it Time to Break Open the Piggy Bank?Event Reflection by Ashton Cane July 23, 2013
NCoC and Points of Light Begin Search for America’s Top 50 Community-Minded CompaniesThe Civic 50 Survey is Open for Business June 6, 2013
Get Ready for Global Youth Service Day, April 26-28A guest blog from YSA (Youth Service America) March 25, 2013
Infographic: Social Media’s Impact on Giving in 2012 December 17, 2012
Volunteering Among Americans Hits Five-Year HighParents of school-aged children volunteer at higher rate than overall population; schools are an essential hub for civic activity December 12, 2012
CECP Releases Giving in Numbers: 2012 EditionCECP’s Director Margaret Coady answers our questions on their latest report November 13, 2012
Bloomberg LP, NCoC and Points of Light Announce “The Civic 50” Ranking of America’s Most Community-Minded Corporations November 8, 2012
The Invisible Dream: Creating a New Conversation about the American Dream and What It Takes to Achieve It Event Reflection by Alice Murphy October 15, 2012
Giving USA 2012: Who Gave, How Much, and To Whom in 2011?Event Reflection by Ashby Gaines July 24, 2012
Corporate Citizenship Takes Center Stage at Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and ServiceReleased June 19, 2012 via Market Watch June 20, 2012
Baltimore depends on its good corporate citizensBaltimore Sun June 18, 2012
Corporate giving: philanthropy without the moneyby Caroline Fiennes in The Guardian (UK) March 22, 2012
The Focus of Corporate Philanthropyby Clara Knutson, Forbes March 22, 2012
Network for Good Reaffirms Digital Philanthropy Trends in 2011Insights and Trends on Charitable Engagement March 13, 2012
Where and Why People DonateAn infographic from YourCause January 3, 2012
Why we give to charityBoston Globe December 4, 2011
CECP releases Giving in Numbers: 2011 Edition, a robust analysis of corporate giving trends October 28, 2011
Connected CitizensThe Power, Peril and Potential of Networks May 31, 2011
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