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The concept that puts individuals at the core of a community building process, sometimes independently of traditional institutions. Citizen-centered approaches allow “ordinary people” to come together, deliberate, and take action on problems or issues that they themselves have defined as important in ways they deem appropriate—whether through volunteering, voting, activism, or organizing. The process through with a corporation demonstrates its commitment to giving back, often through development of a “Civic Engagement Program” which allocates financial and human resources toward improving communities in which they operate.
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9/11 Day of Service and RememberanceTwelve years ago, tragedy struck our nation. How did Americans respond? We rallied like never before, supporting emergency responders, lending our neighbors a helping hand, and answering calls to service. ... September 10, 2013
The Role of Citizen Does Not End With Your Vote November 7, 2012
Civic Engagement: A Softening Agent for Unemployment?By Paula Ellis, VP, Strategic Initiatives, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Originally posted on CSRwire Talkback
October 9, 2012
Taking the President Seriously About Citizenshipby Peter Levine
Originally posted on Huffington Post Impact
September 20, 2012
Connection Between Civic Health and Employment to be Focus of National ConferencePhiladelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 13, 2012 September 18, 2012
A Lesson in Civic Health Sitting Down with Two Secretaries of State July 31, 2012
Executive Director David Smith takes NCoC’s Research to the White House July 10, 2012
A Journey That CountsPromoting Citizenship Education from Sea to Shining Sea January 24, 2012
The Meaning of AmericanA Discussion Series January 10, 2012
The Gardens of DemocracyAn interview with Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer December 12, 2011
Gerda Weissman Klein: A true story of liberation and becoming American October 10, 2011
Discussion: Defining American66th Annual National Conference on Citizenship September 23, 2011
A Message From Lattie Coor2011 Arizona Civic Health Index September 23, 2011
A Snapshot of Miami and Minneapolis-St. PaulTale of Two Cities: Civic Health in Miami and Minneapolis-St. Paul January 24, 2011
A Different Explanation: A Spirit of Adventurous Experiment: Civic Life in the Twin CitiesTale of Two Cities: Civic Health in Miami and Minneapolis-St. Paul January 24, 2011
Appendix: Demography, CitizenshipTale of Two Cities: Civic Health in Miami and Minneapolis-St. Paul January 24, 2011
Community involvement important across demographic linesUSA Today December 8, 2010
NCoC seeks venue host for 2011 Conference November 16, 2010
Political Civic EngagementCalifornia Civic Health Index 2010 November 10, 2010
Report Underscores Need for More Civics EducationColonial Williamsburg, Montpelier Release Virginia Civic Health Index November 8, 2010
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