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The measure of how communities are performing in civic activities. It is determined by the levels of at which individuals are participating in civic engagement activities, such as political activity, service, and giving, as well as their levels of trust and connectedness, both to each other and to information and current events.
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Colorado’s Civic Health Strong Compared to Nation, but Not Shared by All Residents2014 Colorado Civic Health IndexThe report reveals how residents in the state engage in important civic activities such as voting, volunteering, and interacting with neighbors. Overall, the report finds Colorado‚Äôs civic health to be ... August 5, 2014
New report finds SC residents eager to vote, but hesitant to act afterwardsOriginally posted June 24. 2014 by the South Carolina Radio Network July 10, 2014
Ohioan’s Are Active Voters, But Among Least Likely to Take Civic or Political Action after Leaving the Voting Booth2013 Ohio Civic Health Index May 7, 2014
Missourians Among the Least Likely to Hold Regular Family Dinners, Discuss Politics, and Attend Community Meetings2012 Missouri Civic Health Index Report January 18, 2014
Pittsburgh is a Civically Healthy City November 18, 2013
Volunteering as a Pathway to EmploymentCan volunteering be the difference-maker in your next interview? June 18, 2013
2012 Georgia Civic Health Index Shows Civic Health Requires a Boost 2012 Georgia Civic Health Index May 30, 2013
Michigan Releases its 2012 Civic Health Index Today2012 Michigan Civic Health Index April 24, 2013
Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2012 By the NumbersAre Americans Bowling Alone? February 26, 2013
“Millennials” Play a Central Role in our Nation’s Civic Health, but Who are They?Major New Study Provides In-Depth Insight on Diverse Engagement of a Generation February 6, 2013
The Arizona We Want 2.0The Case for Action January 24, 2013
Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2012 by the Numbers January 9, 2013
Democracy in Motion: Evaluating the Practice and Impact of Deliberative Civic EngagementAn Interview with Matt Leighninger December 18, 2012
Volunteering Among Americans Hits Five-Year HighParents of school-aged children volunteer at higher rate than overall population; schools are an essential hub for civic activity December 12, 2012
Neighbors talk and do favors more now; trust is highby Sharon Jayson, USA Today December 12, 2012
UCO Researchers Release Oklahoma’s Civic Health Index; Shows Increased Engagement Could Start at the Dinner Table December 5, 2012
2012 Oklahoma Civic Health IndexCivic Skills and Voter Education December 4, 2012
Oklahoma’s Civic Health Index To Be Released; Shows Room For Increased Engagement November 29, 2012
The Role of Citizen Does Not End With Your Vote November 7, 2012
Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin Discusses the Importance of NCoC Research October 22, 2012
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