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The process of participating in civic acts on the Internet (ie. social media, YouTube, or blogs) or through other technology, such as mobile devices. The connective technologies that allow for two-way communication and transmission of information by and between individuals and/or institutions. These include tools like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and blogs. Also referred to as “new media” and “web 2.0 technology.”
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Civic Data Challenge Announces 2013 Winners Challenge helps transform tech, data, and design for good movementsoday, the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) announced 5 winners of the 2013 Civic Data Challenge. Working with judges including Craigslist’s Craig Newmark, Facebook’s Andy Kriebel, and DataKind’s ... December 11, 2013
Infographic: Social Media’s Impact on Giving in 2012 December 17, 2012
First Ever Civic Data Challenge is a Success! October 16, 2012
Executive Director David Smith takes NCoC’s Research to the White House July 10, 2012
Social Networking Sites and Civic Engagement: What’s the Relationship Status? June 21, 2012
Infographic: A New Era of the Digital RevolutionThe role of mobile devices and social media in news consumption. March 30, 2012
Social Networking and PoliticsNew Study from Pew Internet and American Life Project March 13, 2012
Network for Good Reaffirms Digital Philanthropy Trends in 2011Insights and Trends on Charitable Engagement March 13, 2012
The Networking HypothesisDiscussion: Can Engagement Strengthen the Economy? February 16, 2012
Politics and Social Media: What’s the Relationship Status? February 8, 2012
Religiously active Americans feel more connected to community December 23, 2011
How people learn about their local community A report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project December 8, 2011
Capital Staffers Index explores influence of social media on policy December 7, 2011
Let’s go #GoodSpotting November 22, 2011
Report Shows Majority of Americans Civically Engaged in Their CommunitiesBoomers and Older Adults Rank High Across Several Key Categories of Civic Engagement September 15, 2011
What’s Trending in #Congress?New Report Shows Capitol Hill Uses Social Media Extensively August 2, 2011
Can Social Media Reinvigorate American Democracy? July 13, 2011
Harnessing Active Citizenship: The Internet as a Tool to Engage the Public June 10, 2011
What does “social giving” look like? May 20, 2011
Witness to History: May 1, 2011A reflection by Kristen Cambell May 2, 2011
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