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NCoC engages in Research, Discussion and Solutions to real world issues. We apply this strategic approach in 6 primary civic focus areas, highlighted here.
NCoC believes addressing an issue occurs in three primary strategic phases: research, discussion, and solutions. The discussion phase is an important element in understanding challenges and animating research findings, as well as turning them into action plans and solutions in communities. This is why NCoC is committed to using our website as a platform for ongoing discussion and commentary about issues facing the civic sector.

Here, you will see a list of our featured discussions, broken down by focus area. Scroll over the title to see a brief description, and click to read the article and join the discussion.

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Ongoing Discussion Series are also generated on the following topics:
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Can Engagement Strengthen the Economy?
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Discussions by issue area are here:
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The Power of a Service YearOriginally posted on Huff Post The Blog by John Bridgeland and Alan KhazeiThis week, on the heels of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, 400 leaders from every sector of American life gathered there to rededicate themselves and the country to what Lincoln called ... June 9, 2014 blog
National Service is at a CrossroadsOriginally posted on HuffPost The Blog by Ilir ZherkaNew technologies offer boundless opportunities for us to increase the number of people serving communities, while budget-cutters in Congress threaten to end national service as we know it. At this critical ... June 5, 2014
Civic Health and the Economy: Making the Connection2013 Issue BriefMultiple studies over the past several years point to a compelling truth: there is a strong relationship between civic health and a thriving economy. This report attempts to weave together the most interesting ... September 18, 2013
9/11 Day of Service and RememberanceTwelve years ago, tragedy struck our nation. How did Americans respond? We rallied like never before, supporting emergency responders, lending our neighbors a helping hand, and answering calls to service. ... September 10, 2013
Is it Time to Break Open the Piggy Bank?Event Reflection by Ashton CaneGiving is on the rise, albeit very, very slowly. The nonprofit sector relies heavily on donations from individuals who made up 72% of contributors in 2012. Are we dependent on individuals in order to reach ... July 23, 2013
Volunteering as a Pathway to EmploymentCan volunteering be the difference-maker in your next interview?NCoC believes that when our citizens are engaged, our communities are stronger and more resilient—and we have data to back it up. Exciting new research released today by our colleagues at the Corporation ... June 18, 2013
My Six Month Anniversaryby Ilir ZherkaAfter six months of hard work, Executive Director Ilir Zherka shares an update of NCoC’s progress. May 2, 2013
Because You Do the Things You DoA guest blog post by Diana Aviv, President and CEO of Independent SectorWhat is the economic value of an hour of volunteer time? While those who volunteer are, by definition, not in it for the money, attaching a monetary worth to the effort helps us put in perspective the ... April 2, 2013
Get Ready for Global Youth Service Day, April 26-28A guest blog from YSA (Youth Service America)Global Youth Service Day celebrates and mobilizes the millions of young people who improve their communities each day of the year through service. Read more about GYSD and how you can get involved here. March 25, 2013
Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2012 By the NumbersHigh levels of neighbor engagement means strong communities. How often do we talk with one another, help each other out, and how much do we trust the people in our communities? Our latest data shows there’s ... March 14, 2013
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