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Civic Health Initiatives

NCoC's Civic Health Initiatives elevates the discussion of our nation's civic health. We work with national, state, and city partners to measure how much people trust their neighbors, are active in their communities, and interact with their government. By measuring a wide variety of civic indicators, we educate Americans about our civic life and motivate people to strengthen it.

As civic health data becomes an increasing part of the dialogue around which policymakers, communities, and the media talk about civic life, the index is increasing in its scope and specificity to the state, city, and demographic levels.

Join us! NCoC is recruiting Civic Health Initiatives partners representing all 50 states and America's largest cities. Learn about partnership opportunities here.

NCoC engages a number of partners in creation of the national, state, and city Civic Health Index reports including the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) at the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University, Civic Enterprises, and Harvard University’s Saguaro Seminar, as well as members of a Civic Indicators Working Group.

National Reports

In 2006, the National Conference on Citizenship, in partnership with the Civic Health Index Indicators Working Group, launched “America's Civic Health Index,” measuring civic trends over the last 30 years. This report has been produced nationally since then, and is continually expanding into communities across the country. More Info

State Reports

Through partnerships with local universities and nonprofits, NCoC expanded the national Civic Health Index in 2008 by providing localized data in state-specific reports in California, Florida, and Ohio. NCoC now works in over 30 communities nationwide. More Info

City Reports

The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act expanded the collection of civic health indicators to include America’s largest metropolitan areas. Accordingly, working with local partners, NCoC expanded our Civic Health Index portfolio to the city level. More Info

What the Experts Say

The vibrancy of America’s civic health is as important as our country’s economic health. Learn what leaders in the field of civic engagement have to say about America’s Civic Health Index and related topics. More Info


Through the Civic Health Index reports, NCoC, together with its local partners, continues to lead and inspire a new public dialogue about the future of citizenship in America. More Info

Working Group

The Civic Indicators Working Group represents a group of the country's leading social scientists and civic engagement thought leaders committed to producing meaningful research on the civic health of our nation. More Info